About the Congress

On 14-16 September 2020 Wroclaw will transform into the capital of European studies – all thanks to the 3rd Congress for European Studies organised by the Chair of European Studies of the University of Wroclaw and Polish Society of European Studies (Polskie Towarzystwo Studiów Europejskich). The main topic of all sessions is multi-speed Europe.

Europe as a subject of scientific analysis is a normative, cultural, social, economic and political space which undergoes both the processes of integration and disintegration in different dimensions and at the same time. Aware of the number and the diversity of visions and development preferences in Europe and for Europe, we would like to invite you to discuss factors and determinants which affect the functioning of multi-speed Europe both in the subject and in the object layer. We aim to look at Europe together in the context of changes it is undergoing – both internal and in the light of its position and role in the globalised world.

We invite researchers from various areas of study who are interested in all phenomena and processes in contemporary Europe, in the international, national, regional and local context, to participate and share the results of their scientific inquiries. We would like to propose the following topics for conference panels:

  • Centre and outskirts of Europe.
  • Conflict and cooperation in Europe.
  • Directions and models of integration in state and European politics.
  • Europe as a cultural construct.
  • Europe as a global actor.
  • European geopolitics.
  • European political parties and party systems.
  • European public sphere.
  • European security.
  • Europeanisation and renationalisation as coexisting processes in Europe.
  • Evolution of the role and importance of the European Union.
  • Historical memory and identity in contemporary Europe.
  • Ideas of unity and diversity of Europe.
  • Impact of internal and external migrations on Europe.
  • Methodological aspects of research on the integration and disintegration processes in Europe.
  • Multi-speed Europe and the functioning of the EU internal market.
  • New technologies and processes of economic and political management in Europe.
  • Poland in the multi-speed Union.
  • Regional and local dimension of the integration and disintegration processes in Europe.
  • Societies and nations in Europe.
  • States and interest groups as causal entities of multi-speed Europe.
  • Supranational and national public policies in Europe.
  • The political and economic dimension of the evolution of European Union institutions and policies.

We invite you to send your applications to the 3rd Congress for European Studies via our application form.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact our Organisational Committee: kongres2020@uwr.edu.pl